We are here to help through the COVID-19 period.

“Cargo is the only bright spot in the airline industry”

- Zheng Lei, Professor of Aviation, Swinburne University of Technology, President, Institute for Aviation Research

Right now the world feels like it is on pause. However, freight still needs to move and airlines and forwarders need to survive. We are working hard to build a new worldwide network to match airlines’ cargo capacity with the forwarders demand. But, in the meantime, here are the ways we can help you now:

If you are an airline with long haul aircraft such as A350, B787, B777, A340, A330 (or even a freighter), even if they are currently grounded, we will match you with forwarders in need

If you have cargo, especially medical equipment, that needs to be sent via airfreight, we will connect you with airlines who have made cargo capacity available

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A revolutionary new global aircargo network is coming.

Fill your empty cargo holds and increase your payload on all flights

Airlines that operate short and medium range routes with narrow- and wide-body aircrafts will benefit from boosted revenue by utilizing vacant cargo capacity.

The Demand

There is continuous growing demand for airfreight. Traditional airlines with fixed long-distance networks currently control the cargo market. Such airlines prioritize their own fleet, leaving other airlines unable to compete.

Many routes have a shortage in accessible airfreight capacity and forwarders lack the ability to reach certain locations. As technology advances, forwarders look to e-logistics and e-freight solutions.

Our Offer

Helios connects airlines’ flight routes into a new worldwide cargo network, combining untapped airfreight capacity with forwarder demand to create new routes with real-time smart connections, all on a single AWB.

Smart Connections

Any airport, any destination
Single AWB (Air Waybill)
Minimized costs and transfer duration

Optimized Airline Reach & Pricing

Higher load factor
Cargo will come from any connected destination.
Dynamic Pricing optimizing for route demand and revenue


Airlines will know the forwarder’s need on your routes and network
Helios Route Rating to help forwarders making the right decisions on routes

Smart Bookings

Make a booking in 3 clicks
Real time airline capacities and pricing
Work directly from your own system with Helios API
Sunny airport

Green logistics

Reduce your CO2 footprint

By optimising capacity utilisation and creating alternatives, we are reducing the CO2 costs per kilogram of cargo.

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